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Bearing 1,5"

Product no.: KP133/

Bearing 1,5" road for

supersix, systemsix down

claymore and moto carbon

29.90 *
In stock and available

Headset bearing SI 1 1/8"

Product no.: KB870

Headset bearing SI road from CAAD 5... and all carbonframes upper 1x

19.00 *
In stock and available

Cannondale 5mm Top Cap

Product no.: KP253/SU

fits to SuperSix

51mm outer diameter

14.90 *
In stock and available

crown race 1,5" road

Product no.: QC777
Crown race 1,5" road for supersix, systemsix and superX roadbike
7.00 *
In stock and available

Hanger road from 2006

Product no.: KF096

Hanger road new CAAD 8, 9, Six13 from 2006, SystemSIX, SuperSIX, Slice, Synapse, Six

27.00 *
In stock and available

Brake bolt 35mm

Product no.: QC778

Brake bolt 35mm for carbonforks

18.00 *
In stock and available

Kit BB30 SI crank bearings blue

Product no.: KR047/

SI crank bearings and all BB30 cranks kit of 2

49.00 *
In stock and available

Superlight Microfiber Premium Handlebar Tape

Product no.: C7049
22.90 *

Pro Grip Handlebar Tape

Product no.: C70490
28.90 *


3.5mm thick for extra comfort!

14.90 *
14.90 €

cannondale carbonspacer 33mm 1 1/8"

Product no.: K35088
12.90 *
Not in stock
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